Dangers of weight loss drugs

Pictures of movie stars and singers becoming more emaciated is the driving force among youngsters trying to lose weight. Anorexia nervosa and anorexia bulimia are becoming more prevalent as society shifts from a healthy looking model to a skinny model with skin and bones. In today’s world where information is available on your palm, phentermine is becoming a popular drug in the black market, its sale rivalling other drugs such as morphine and other dangerous substances.

Unfazed by the possible risks of taking phentermine, these people use this medication with or without medical supervision. For quicker effect, some will indulge in a cocktail of other drugs known to suppress appetite or increase metabolism; drugs such as fenfluramine, orlistat or dexamphetamine are the usual companions for those who are looking to look skinny at any cost. It is important to maintain every aspect of your health, from eye conditions, teeth problems to your diet.

Consequences of phentermine

Using multiple drugs can increase the risk of liver or kidney damage, as they put stress on the system. In addition to that, appetite suppressants can cause a limited calorie and nutrient intake, may precipitate malnutrition in people who are bent on losing weight quickly.