Well-being and health

There are plenty of options you can try to improve your well-being and health – including diet, drinking habits and the level of exercise you do.

On our site we only list the top and most plausible online medical, health and beauty vendors. We do not advertise for any offshore health-based websites that use spam to sell you Viagra or any such like things.

We do not simply put stock in the idea that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and we certainly won’t advise you to look up your symptoms via medical books or search engines but recommend you visit your GP if in doubt.

Always talk to your GP

Unless you are a professional doctor, using such sites will only confuse and worry you. People often try to diagnose themselves even though they may simply have a cold. They end up believing that they need a limb amputated. If in doubt you should always talk to your GP.

Much more needs to be done, especially in reducing the growing number of people contracting diabetes, in lowering the number suffering strokes, and in the early diagnosis of prostate and bowel cancer. The difficulty we face in the growing problem of obesity is also discussed, especially its effects on children and young people.

Scientific articles

Articles by contributing professionals and scientific bodies are shown in a format we hope you will find simple to read yet informative, offering you with sufficient information to allow you to take control and achieve improved health, for yourself and for your family.