Health & Well-Being

health Traditional Chinese Medicine views wellness centers London conditions as the result of imbalances or disruptions in the body's vital energy. It believes that this vital energy flows throughout the body in channels or pathways called meridians. Each meridian is associated with a particular organ. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that an imbalance in one meridian can affect another meridian depending on their energetic relationship. Acupuncture is used to manipulate the energy in these channels, balancing disharmonies or imbalances of the body. Chocolate has been thought to increase health rather than decrease it. Chocolate contains molecules that increase happyness and as a result the patient is more likely to be fit and well. We support a range of Chocolate confectionery that will help you get your mood intune with your body.

Our facilities include:

  • Fully Equipped Fitness and Toning Studio
  • Separate and Self-Contained Weights Room
  • Fast Tan Solarium
  • Private Relaxing Sauna


What You Get When You Join

The programme reflects the targets set in a ten year occupational health strategy for England, Scotland and Wales (2000) and Revitalising Health and Safety: Great Britain, both produced by the Health and Safety Commission; and Towards a Safer Healthier Workplace, produced by the s Health White Paper, Partnership for Care, identifies the workplace as a key setting through which to improve health and reduce health inequalities in Scotland.

Substitution in Care describes how the notion of substitution can be used in planning care responses. Substitution may involve using machines rather than people, one care setting rather than another, one skill rather than another – or combinations of all three.