Therapy of anxiety-related problems

Therapy can help to cure a number of anxiety-related problems, including Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

Causes of GAD

There can be several medical causes for GAD in a specific person. Before consulting any psychologist or psychiatric, one must take a thorough medical examination. The best example is that people who largely drink lots of caffeine can show many symptoms which are comparable to anxiety and panic attacks. Proper medical examination often rules out the possibilities of biological or environmental causes which can often bring about anxiety attacks.

Anxiety can frequently be found with several other mental issues and the most frequent mental disorder which is often found with the anxiety is depression.

Many approaches exist by which we can manage anxiety in a successful manner. The most successful and efficient approach to treat it includes psychological and psychopharmacologic techniques. Medication can also be utilised as one of the treatments of anxiety on a short-term basis.


Medication is usually best for treating bodily symptoms of acute anxiety. Treatment for GAD generally includes a combination of medication and cognitive-behavioural therapy. It sometimes also includes psychotherapy and self-help.